Global Business Development For Consumer Products and Brands:

We are a 360 degree SALES and MARKETING company. We are not Consultants!

S-O-S will Identify, secure, develop and execute new revenue channels with ROI

  • Provide exceptional management professionals across all disciplines who are results oriented
  • Produce and execute achievable business and financial plans for significant growth and ROI
  • Cultivate strategic retailer partnerships
  • Leverage brand positioning for increased market share
  • Secure new U.S. distribution channels that produce incremental brand and investor equity
  • Develop and deliver international distribution strategies
  • Identify / develop new market categories for existing brands
  • Establish “best practices” training for finance, supply channel, legal, and compliance regulations
  • Provide product sourcing resources in United States, Asia, Europe
  • Reduce product development lead time to accelerate new products to market

Companies that we have work for and work with: